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Briar’s Mom, Nikki, shares how a certified child care program helps keep Briar safe and healthy.

Briar was born with a rare condition called CSID, Congenital Sucrose and Isomaltose Disorder. She was born without enzymes to break down natural sugars.

We had a few private sitters whom we loved but were unable to maintain Briar’s special diet. I am not  in a position to quit working, so I began searching for a child care close to my place of employment, so I could be close if something were to go wrong. After many calls, and turn downs due to her condition, I was frustrated and thinking I may need to quit my job and figure something out.

Then, I thought, okay, my last hope is Barb’s Care A Lot, my older boys went there, and by older, I mean they are now 22 and 19!

They have some great memories from Barb’s. Barb’s was closer to my house, but farther from work. I actually dreaded this call, I was afraid of the “No, I am sorry we cannot take her.” That every other place told me. Not, Barb’s! The child care welcomed my daughter! What a sense of relief! Their only request was I make a list of foods she can and cannot eat.  I believe, I called on a Thursday and Briar started on Monday.

Briar has not been sick once due to her diet at daycare. Barb’s Care A lot fallows her strict diet and goes above and beyond! Briar tries to go to “school” (child care) on the weekends! My daughter is thriving and enjoys going to child care.

I know when I go to work, my daughter is in the best hands a person could ask for. I do not have to worry about her being sick daily and this is such a sense of relief.  Barb’s Care A Lot is family oriented and loves their child care children, as if they were their own.

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