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Hello, my name is Sarah. Since I was in my second trimester with my twins (Fall/Winter 2015) I have been receiving services from the Nurse Family Partnership. More specifically, from Tammy.

While I was pregnant Tammy provided supportive services to me making sure I was able to obtain all the things I needed to prepare to bring my children home, safe things to do to eat healthy and provide for the babies. She provided support on a personal level, answering any questions and easing concerns I had about being a mother for the first time. Honestly, before meeting Tammy, I was much more uneasy, scared and very uneducated about what it meant to become a mother (since I had never done it before). She was constantly supportive, never pushy or uncomfortable, she felt like a motherly figure to me. She would bring me new educational information and access to services to help me throughout my pregnancy.

In February 2016 I gave birth to two healthy twins, Dominic Matthew and Sophia Ann. Tammy even came and visited us in the hospital, and soon after us going home. Since their birth she has been a huge impact in my little families lives. She still brings me educational information about my children, their growth, monitors their physical, emotional, and developmental growths. They have come to know her better than even some of their family members. She not only has provided me with information, but she continues to support me not only as a mother but as an individual. She has provided support to me in my education, job search, and my relationship with my children’s father. I truly would consider her a friend as well as a mentor. And, I definitely know that without her to lean on the past two and a half years, give or take, I would not feel as comfortable as I am that I am doing what I need to do for my children.

Tammy knows my children on a personal level, she has seen all of us grow together and provided services that pediatricians just are unable to do with their client load. If I needed advice, or had concerns, Tammy made sure to help me and address them. When I was in need of education on certain topics, had questions, she would respond or return to me quickly with information. She has become someone very important to not only myself, but to Dominic and Sophia.

While with her services and her supportive, I have attended college full time and graduated, purchased my first home, and got engaged to the father of my children. Tammy has made me more responsible, more open to be social with others and be open and honest with my feelings and my life experiences. I have recommended the services of Nurse Family Partnership to many of my friends who are first time mothers as this service has tremendously aided me in being the best mother, and individual that I can be.

Thank you Tammy and the Nurse Family Partnership for all that you do for our community!!!


Sarah, Dominic, Sophia and David

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