Be Your Child’s Champion can help you through four parts of communicating on behalf of your child.

  • My Thoughts can help identify, organize and prepare your thoughts before you begin a conversation.
  • Our Conversation can provide helpful phrases to can use during a conversation.
  • My Reflections can help determine how you feel about  a conversation, as well as questions or concerns you have.
  • Next Steps can help outline what needs to be done next.

In Be Your Child’s Champion, discover how families, just like yours, communicate on behalf of their child!

  • Child Care Provider – Meet John who has a concern about his daughter and their child care provider.
  • Healthcare Professional – Meet Angie who has a concern about her son and his healthcare professional
  • Another Family – Meet Latisha and Dan who address a concern about their son and a friend’s family.
  • Communicating Why Child Care is Important – Meet Rosa who shares concerns about decisions she’s made.
  • NEW: Leaders in Your Community – Meet Sarah who shares with a community leader the impact quality early learning has made for her family. 

Each section of Be Your Child’s Champion contains questions or phrases to get you started, as well as a place you can fill in your responses. It’s not necessary to provide a response to every question. Sometimes, it may even be helpful to admit that you just don’t know the answer!

Available in English and Spanish

If you’d like to order hard copies, email

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