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I was enrolled in the Parent’s as Teachers (PAT) program through The Children’s Advocacy Center when I had my older son, Gunther, who is now 7 years old. He no longer was able to be in the program due to going to kindergarten, and I was very upset I wouldn’t have the support I had throughout the last 5 years. However, after a few years I found out I was pregnant with my second child, Barbie.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I called to be enrolled into the program again. I was assigned a different home visitor but that was fine because at the first visit we seemed to click.

I love that my home visitor comes in and helps with development, skills, and Barbie’s progression. Even though I’ve had another child, I’m a single mom and still like having that extra support and help. I like that I can ask for guidance on who to ask when I need something and if they can’t help, they’ll tell me who to call.

I know Barbie is doing good because we have done screenings on her. If there was an issue, I know my home visitor would tell me and we would work together finding help. And if I need resources she always helps, like grocery shopping or counseling referrals. I really like having Parents as Teachers come to my house not only because of what they do, but because I don’t have my own transportation so it’s perfect that they come right to my house. I really do like the program and am glad I will be in until Barbie goes to kindergarten.

Amber H., Mom of Gunther and Barbie

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