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I was incredibly anxious about going back to work after my daughter, Livie, was born. I knew I wanted somewhere for her to be when I was at work that was safe, with staff that would care for her and where she could learn. Being in Philadelphia, I had many early learning programs to chose from, but it just made it more confusing to find the one that would work for my family. I reached out to my mom and we searched for programs on After calling several programs, my husband and I visited the Philadelphia Cathedral Early Learning Center, a Keystone STAR 2 program. I could tell right away that it would be a good fit for Livie. The director gave us a lot of information about the program and her staff, answered all of our questions and gave us a tour. While we were there, I got to meet who would become Livie’s favorite teachers, Ms. Carly and Ms. Jasmine.

Every day when I drop off Livie, she’s excited to get into her classroom with her friends and teachers. Livie is learning every day and loves her teachers—and they love her. I can’t believe how fast Livie is growing and how much she is learning. I really like that every day, we’re provided with Livie’s schedule and I can check on her any time I want to know how her day is going. Her teachers made the transition much easier for me to go back to work, knowing that Livie is with staff who really care about her and her development.

Catherine H., Livie’s mom

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