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Pam, the director at Sunshine Kids, Inc. shares a story of several her favorite teachers, who just happen to work in her early learning program!  

Ms Taylor & Ms Karissa are preschool teachers and Ms Serena & Ms Becca are toddler teachers at Sunshine Kids, Inc. In 1984, they all started here as toddlers. They all began working here in their high school  and college years. They said they had remember the fun they had here and wanted to make learning fun for other children. 

Ms Taylor was our young toddler teacher who was asked to move to our older toddler room to follow a child moving out of the young toddler room.  A year later she was asked again to move with this child into our Preschool room and she has been there ever since. She is now teaching this child’s sibling!  She has such a way with the children, they all follow her about and now call her TT!  (short for terrific teacher?) 

Ms Karissa & Ms Serena had been asking to work here since starting high school and both were able to start on their 18th birthdays! 

Ms Becca came to do observations for her college class, enjoying it so much, she came back in the summer to work.  When she went back to college, her mom started to work here in our infant room.  She said Becca would talk about “her” kids so much that she felt like she knew them and wanted to be a part of the center. 

I could go on and on, but hopefully you can see why these are a few of my favorite teachers! 

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