Tax savings to communities

Quality early education saves public costs in the short- and long-term.

Because quality early learning prepares children to succeed in school, they are less likely to require special education services, remediation, or be held back a grade. Because special education can cost twice as much as typical education, the savings from providing quality early education are immediate and add up quickly.

As adults these children are also less likely to need public assistance, commit crimes, or be incarcerated.

In fact, Every $1 invested in quality early education saves $7 in special education, public assistance, corrections, and lost taxes.

Because children who receive quality early education have higher earnings and are more likely to own a home, they are more likely to contribute to the tax base than rely on public assistance.

Source: Reynolds AJ, Temple JA, Robertson DL, and EA Mann. 2002. Age 21 cost-benefit analysis of the Title I Chicago Child-Parent Centers. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 24, 267-303

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