Promoting school success

Did you know that what children learn before kindergarten affects their learning for life?

Forty years of research shows that children receiving high quality early education are more likely to be prepared for and do better in school; graduate high school; attend college or job training; and have higher earnings.(Sources: Abecedarian ProjectPerry Preschool Project)

Accessing quality early education is especially important for our vulnerable children. Children affected by risk factors such as limited family earnings are more likely to enter school behind their peers and benefit most from quality early experiences. According to the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) 2012-2013 Program Reach and Risk Assessment Report, there are 729,538 children under age five in Pennsylvania. Of those:

  • 59% live in economically at-risk households, earning up to 300% of poverty.
  • 16% live in families whose mother did has less than a high school diploma.

Build the case
Share with school leaders and public officials how Pennsylvania’s early education programs are getting children ready for kindergarten and beyond with our simple Building Blocks emails.

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