Why quality early learning matters

Quality early learning and child development can open the doors of opportunity for every child to do well in school, in the workforce, and in life. But quality early learning requires the commitment of families, teachers, and the community in order for children to reach their promise.

Children learn best when they have proper health and nutrition, a safe and stable family and home life, and activities that stimulate creativity, curiosity, and all the skills they will need to succeed in school and life.

Research has taught us that the earliest years of childhood are critically important to children’s long term development. When children are thriving, their parents can provide for and support a more stable family. Quality education for our children today prepares them for high quality jobs tomorrow. A high quality workforce empowers Pennsylvania to compete nationally and globally, improving the quality of life for all.

  • Hello! I am developing a Kindergarten Toolkit for my community partners and am having trouble finding many of the resources listed. When I click “‘Click here to find your LEARN lead,” I am taken to the PA Promise home page, and searching does not produce this information. Can you help me find this resource??

  • Clarice says:

    hello my name is Clarice looking for assistance for my Daughter when she starts school
    next tear she is 19 months i have Multiple Scelosis
    i would like some assistance or tell me some other places that might help

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