We Love Our Teachers! Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

April 24th, 2017
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Help us celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7-12)!

Teachers play an important role in shaping the lives of Pennsylvania’s youngest learners. They work with families, children and partners to ensure that each child has opportunities to learn and grow.

Are you a parent or family member whose child loves their teacher?


  • Your child’s favorite teacher’s name and early learning program or school
  • Why he or she is your child’s favorite teacher–why is this teacher special?
  • A picture of your child and their favorite teacher!

Are you a teacher who loves your job?

Share your story, too!

  • Where you teach and what ages/grades
  • Why you love teaching–what’s the best thing about teaching?
  • A picture of you! (If there are children in your pic, please make sure you have a current signed consent form to use their picture.)

Email your story to Mary at or click here to submit online.

Get your story submitted by May 7 to be highlighted on this page and PA’s Promise for Children Facebook page during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Although Teacher’s Appreciation Week runs May 7-12, we will continue to publish stories as they’re received.

Help celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week by sharing a new infographic from the PA Dept. of Education & PA Dept. of Human Services that shows the benefits of early learning.


We Love Teacher Jess: When my son transitioned to the 1 year old room, I was really worried about the nap time and how it would affect him not having anyone put him to bed and the length of the nap time. Jess assured me that she would make sure he got nap down without him getting too upset. I thought she would struggle a lot until she sent me a picture of her holding him and him sound asleep with a caption of “By any means necessary.” Definitely a stress reliever. I am proud to say that after a 2 weeks he goes to his cot when it’s time for nap lays down on his own.
Aurielle M, Allegheny County


We Love Teacher Miss Pelleschi. My name is Zacheri A. I am the mother of a beautiful 4 year old boy named Bryson. Bryson started Pre K in September of 2016. I was very excited and also quite terrified for him to begin. I had many emotions going through me his first few weeks of school. I was always worried about him making friends, making sure he had everything he needed and most of all, his behavior. Bryson is a very strong willed little boy. He does not like to be told no and he also has a bit of anger issues. Within the first two weeks of him being enrolled I got a phone call from the school. They told me that Bryson was having a hard time with hitting and sharing. They said maybe it would be best to get him evaluated by ACRP. I was very upset. Feeling like I failed as a mother and let my son down. I decided that I needed to do what was best for my son. I called ACRP and got him set up for an intake and evaluation. It was a very long and exhausting process but I kept pushing for him. In the waiting periods between the intake and evaluation I got daily updates from his teacher Miss. Pelleschi through the school’s Remind app. Together we came up with coping strategies and reward systems. If Bryson was having a tough day she would let me know so that when he got home I could address it. If I didn’t have the support from Miss Pelleschi I would have been completely lost. The communication eased my worries. Finally everything got finalized at ACRP and they approved Bryson for a TSS for 10 hours a week and a BSC for 5 hours a week. I felt so relieved to know that he was going to get the help he needed while he was in school. Bryson has been doing a lot better in school and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help from the school, ACRP and most importantly Miss. Pelleschi. Much love and many thanks to all of you guys for being there for Bryson and I!

Zacheri A. of Cambria County

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