Top 6 Tips to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

March 3rd, 2015
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Is your child ready for Kindergarten? Check out these top 6 tips from the Kindergarten, Here I Come Activity Guide to help your child get ready for Kindergarten.

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Kindergarten Readiness infographic

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  • I like your tip to teach your child to make his or her own choices and to develop independence. I’m going to start taking my niece to kindergarten soon. She has a hard time making decisions on her own and always asks for help, so I’m sure building her confidence will help her to be more independent.

  • Kate Hansen says:

    My daughter is so anxious to go to school like her older brothers, but she doesn’t start kindergarten until next year. I think doing activities with her to prepare her for kindergarten will make the transition of going to school much easier. I really like your advice of reading every day so she becomes so familiar with words that school isn’t any different. Thanks for sharing!

  • Reading everyday to your child is smart. That way, they can hopefully develop the love of reading. Also, they can start learning how to read better when you actually sit and read with them. That can hopefully better prepare them for school!

  • I really like your tip on modeling positive problem solving before your child enters kindergarten. I’ve always believed that a child’s behavior was strongly reflective of his, or her, parent’s behavior. I think that if parents can be positive when disciplining your child, that your child will be more likely to be positive when resolving issues with his, or her, peers in kindergarten. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  • I like how this diagram heavily emphasizes doing activities with your child that will develop their critical thinking, reading, and creativity skills before starting kindergarten. That seems like a very crucial way to make them feel ready for starting their first day of kindergarten. I remember feeling like I was a bit behind when I started school, so I had to do some catching up throughout the year. Doing more activities to cultivate these skills is exactly what I will be doing to prepare him for school so that he won’t have to catch up on his courses. Thanks for the tips!

  • My son just started kindergarden last week. He was so excited about it and has so many new friends. Next month I go back to work and we have been looking into child care programs for him to go to a few days a week. Are there child care centers that can pick up your children from the school?

    • Mary P. Hall says:

      Raylin, you can do a search for after school care on the COMPASS website. Just select your county, and then your child’s age group. When you get to the page to select Child Care Criteria, there’s an option under General Schedules Served for after school.

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