Tips for soothing a crying baby

October 23rd, 2014
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Crying is the only way babies can communicate with you. This is especially true for babies under six months old. When you respond to your baby quickly, you teach your baby that he matters and can trust you to take care of him.

Your love for your baby and the bond you build together is as important to your baby’s development as food or sleep.

Got a crying baby? Get tips to help make things better (for both you and your baby!) / PA's Promise for Children

Here are some tips for soothing a crying baby. Check out the Infant Early Learning GPS (Guiding Parents Smoothly) for more tips and resources:
1. Feed your baby. Hunger is the main reason a baby will cry.
2. Burp your baby. Babies do not have a natural ability to get rid of air built up in their stomach.
3. Give your baby a lukewarm bath. A great soothing technique, but remember to never leave your baby unattended.
4. Massage your baby. A gentle massage on a baby back, arms, or legs can be very comforting.
5. Make eye contact with your baby and smile. Eye-to-eye contact with your baby when they are crying can distract and comfort them.
6. You may also want to try singing softly or humming, or making other “white noise” like running the vacuum or a ride in the car. Babies can find these noises calming or hypnotizing.

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