The 2017 PA One Book is here!

October 19th, 2016
2017 PA One Book, All Counties
Let’s celebrate the 2017 PA One Book selection, Daniel Finds a Poem written and illustrated by Micha Archer!

Daniel Finds a Poem coverWith beautiful illustrations and a great story about a boy who is on a mission to find out “What is poetry?” this book will help children explore and understand nature while seeing poetry everywhere through Daniel’s experience.

  • Attend an author reading in your community. The author, Micha Archer, will be making guest author reader appearances throughout Pennsylvania during March-May 2017. Find a reading close to you!
  • Interested in using the PA One Book in teaching children? Visit the PA One Book website for some great activity ideas to do with your child that connect to this year’s book. If you do an upcoming activity, or one from past PA One Books, use #PAOneBook to tag your activity on social media.
  • Online Registration to be a guest reader or host site is now closed. But check back next year to participate! Register to be a PA One Book Guest Reader or Host Site!
  • Sharon Erich says:

    Hi…I am wondering if I can order more books? We have scheduled quite a few readings in our area and always love to give a copy of the book to the children and we are short some books.
    Thank you!

    • Mary says:

      Hello, Sharon. All of the PA One Books, Daniel Finds a Poem, have been purchased. Although the book can be ordered via venues like Amazon or local book stores, the costs of the books will not be the same as through the PA One Book program.

  • Greetings, I thank you all for implementing (PA One Book)! It’s such a needed initiative; which will help to instill the love of reading, and the love of books in the lives of our youth. It’ll also broaden their communication, and listening skills. Through reading, their imaginations will allow them to journey to places far and beyond. Children’s attention and focus ability will become more stable, and lastly when parents or educators read to children, we are leading by example, and it demonstrates that reading is pertinent and that we have a desire for them to succeed!

    This initiative will have an impact that will enrich the lives of our youth well beyond their early years. My students and I at Heaven Sent Childcare are grateful, and eager to participate in such a worthy cause yearly. Thank you !!

  • Mary says:

    We just received confirmation that if a family, group home or center is licensed through DHS, they WILL receive one copy of the PA One Book. Interested in becoming licensed? Visit the PA Dept. of Human Services website to locate your Regional Office for more information.

  • Hi – Mary Lola Rooney from the Phila. Freedom Valley YMCA here. Because we operate a Family Child Care Network, it’s our intention to purchase some books for family child care practitioners. I’ll see how we plan to distribute them.

  • Kimberly Bowman says:

    I was told that my family day care would no longer receive the PA One Book, so I was very excited to see that I could purchase a copy – until I went to the link and saw that copies of the book were only available in quantities of 30 for the paperback or hardback book or 5 for the big book. That was very disappointing 🙁 My second time being tricked today and it’s only a little after 9 am…. Please consider making single copies available for purchase if you aren’t going to include family day cares in those that receive a complimentary copy. That was always such a nice surprise to receive the PA One Book and accompanying materials. I’m sorry that the policy has changed for inclusion in this program, my day care children and I enjoyed these books so much.

    • Mary says:

      Hello, Kimberly. Due to shipping and associated costs, there is a minimum number of books available at the very low prices per book. Unfortunately, since the books come directly from the publishing house, PA One Book has no control over this. However, anyone can purchase the books. If the quantity is too great for one individual, a group is welcome to place an order together (like several family child care providers in one community), or the PA One Books make great (and affordable!) holiday and birthday gifts.

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