PA’s Promise Month – Get Social!

September 4th, 2013
PA's Promise Month 2014

Social media is a quick and easy way to reach a lot of people. If you are already visiting your facebook page, why not post something about Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children month or change your profile pic for the week? Also, if you read a post about preparing children and families for school and beyond, you can comment and recommend people visit for more information. Here are a few ideas:

Sign up for email alerts. To stay connected with Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children, sign up for our PA’s Promise Action alerts.

“Like” us on facebook. You can like our facebook page from the front page of the website, and like individual pages throughout the site. When you click the “like” button on an individual page, you can also post a comment on your facebook page to recommend the site to your friends.

Change your facebook and twitter profile pic during PA’s Promise month. Choose our PA’s Promise pic (or use our logo or weekly themes) or create one of your own that says why you support quality early learning for Pennsylvania’s children.

Change your email signature. If you can change your home or work email signature, consider changing it to something like this during October:

All children need quality early learning to succeed, but not all children receive it. Find out how to help young children reach their promise through quality early education at

Post PA’s Promise logo, Public Service Announcements, videos or infographics on your website.

Download the PA’s Promise Month logos for printed materials and websites (zip).

2014PPMweeksShare our four new infographics:

  • Week 1 – Light up your child’s mind and build a brighter future!
  • Week 2 – Join your child on his developmental path and he will reach his promise!
  • Week 3 – When young children play, they learn!
  • Week 4 – When your child is with a caregiver or in a child care/ early learning program, make sure she is safe, happy and learning!

You can post our logo or infographics to your website with a link to

Or embed one or more of our videos to your site in October. You can find all of the PA’s Promise videos with instructions on how to embed them on your site on our YouTube page – click on the YouTube icon on the website or go directly to

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