Attention Expand the Brand, LEARN partners and Community Innovation Zones!

Become a Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children Ambassador!

Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children (PA’s Promise) is reaching out to Expand the Brand participants, LEARN partners and Community Innovation Zone grantees to build a statewide network of PA’s Promise Ambassadors that can extend our impact statewide.

Sign up to become an Ambassador today. If you are not a LEARN partner or participated in the Expand the Brand leadership training, please first sign up as a LEARN partner.

Use PA’s Promise Ambassador opportunities to reach more businesses, organizations and most importantly families in your community.

With your help, Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children has developed valuable resources to help families make solid early learning choices, but this information is still only reaching a small percentage of families. As a community, we especially need to reach families that are not currently receiving early learning services.

Participate in one or more Ambassador Opportunities:

  • ELIC/PA’s Promise Employee Early Education Outreach Initiative
  • Early Learning GPS Outreach
  • Media Outreach Bureau

As a PA’s Promise Ambassador, you can:

  • raise the profile of your program while building valuable leadership skills;
  • reach and build relationships with more businesses and organizations serving families;
  • position yourself as an expert in quality early learning in your community through your local media;
  • build greater awareness of the value of quality early learning for every child; and
  • fulfill a professional growth activity requirement for Keystone STARS.

The campaign’s state-level outreach to businesses and agencies that work with families is starting to work generating requests for presentations on Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children and the Early Learning GPS in communities across the state. But we need more capacity to effectively share these resources in local communities.

Get the support you need for successful outreach.

PA’s Promise Ambassadors receive training, presentation materials and all handouts they will need to help spread the word that quality early learning matters and help families make solid early learning choices. Ambassadors may sign up for one or more Ambassador Opportunities and accept activities or proactively set up local opportunities. Ambassadors also receive a leadership certificate and $25 voucher[1] to purchase OCDEL and PA’s Promise materials for each completed activity.

PA’s Promise Ambassador Opportunities

Each opportunity is voluntary; Ambassadors have the right to accept or decline invitations for presentations or respond to media requests. As a PA’s Promise Ambassador, you have every right to decline opportunities and remain part of the network.

ELIC/PA’s Promise Employee Early Education Outreach Initiative

Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children is partnering with the Early Learning Investment Commission (ELIC) to support human resources directors who want to share PA’s Promise resources with their employees. PA’s Promise ambassadors will work with ELIC staff and the HR director to conduct presentations on Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children website and resources for businesses in your community and act as a resource for their employees.

Early Learning GPS Outreach

Organizations like the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN), Women, Infants and Children (WIC), and Pennsylvania Housing Financing Agency see the value of providing information on early learning to the families they serve and want to take advantage of PA’s Promise resources. With local offices in nearly every community, there is a great potential for local outreach. In addition, families continue to ask us to connect with pediatricians, hospitals and OBGYNs to reach families from the very beginning.  PA’s Promise Ambassadors will provide an overview of the Early Learning GPS for professionals working with families. Sessions may include a short 15-minute overview to a one-hour training. PQAS trainers are able to offer PQAS hours for one- hour trainings with early childhood education providers.

Media Outreach Bureau

As early childhood education receives greater attention, there are increasing opportunities for positive stories about quality early education in the media. PA’s Promise Ambassadors will generate positive media by submitting opinion editorials and letters to the editor, pitching stories, being interviewed by media, speaking at press events, or hosting press events at their site. In addition to responding to requests received at the state level, Ambassadors may monitor media activity in their local communities and respond with appropriate letters to the editor/program manager, or online comments. Ambassadors may select what types of opportunities they are comfortable with – for example, writing letters to the editor but not speaking at a press event.

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[1] While supplies last

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