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Madelyn is committed to making sure her daughter is a success! PA's Promise for ChildrenFamilies can learn a lot from each other, from their ups and downs, their triumphs and fails. Here’s where you can read a little bit about someone else’s story and share your support, tips and questions.

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Building your own support network 

Melissa_MurphyMelissa Murphy and friends, Wynnewood, PA
January 2015

We have all heard that it “takes a village” to raise a child. But what happens when you have to build that village yourself? Where should you begin?

When my daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome called Williams Syndrome, I needed to learn how to navigate a new world of early intervention. I was already overwhelmed as the mother of two preschool-age children with a challenging career. Not only did I not know the answers to many of my questions, I did not even know where to look for answers. I needed help, and fast.  read more…

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