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We're Reading the 2017 PA One Book!

Guest readers throughout Pennsylvania are reading the 2017 PA One Book selection, Daniel Finds a Poem by author Micha Archer in early learning programs. Glenn Miller, Deputy Secretary for Commonwealth Libraries/State Librarian, read the PA One Book, Daniel Finds a Poem, to children at the Coyle Library in Chambersburg on April 18, 2017. Deputy Secretary, Matthew Stem from the PA Office of Elementary/Secondary Education read Daniel Finds a Poem Read more...

PA One Book Classic Countdown

Help count down to the 2017 PA One Book! We're exploring the past PA One Book selections! Follow PA One Book on Facebook and PA One Book on Instagram to get fun activities to do with your child and the PA One Book classic, watch the video of the author reading the book, and share your experiences with the book. Check back each day Read more...

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Local resources and LEARN partners:
Child care/early learning programs:
Family support resources:
  • Autism Support Groups in PA, listed alphabetically by county
  • Include Me is a collection of three programs all about inclusive education for students with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
Financial assistance and human services:
  • Find a food pantry near you with Ending Hunger in PA.
  • PA 2-1-1 is a statewide collaborative for health and human service information for Pennsylvanians. This easy to remember 2-1-1 phone number will link PA residents with human services throughout Pennsylvania.
  • A searchable map for the locations of federally-funded free summer meals in Pennsylvania. NOTE: This site takes some time to load.
  • Find out if you qualify for and apply for benefits like Medicaid, SNAP (Food Stamps) Children’s health Insurance (CHIP), and Child Care Works (CCIS) assistance for child care expenses – link to main COMPASS site.
  • Women, Infants, Children (WIC) – WIC provides healthy supplemental foods and nutrition services for pregnant women, postpartum and breastfeeding women, infants and children under age five. Find your nearest WIC office.
  • PA County Resource Guide by the Juvenile Law Center – includes links for a variety of services including housing, health, recreation, and emergency numbers.
  • The CCIS office for Washington County is CCIS of Beaver/Washington
  • FamilyWize can help you save up to 75% on prescription medication by printing a FREE prescription card and showing it to your pharmacist.
Family Centers:
  • List of Pennsylvania Family Centers (PDF) – provide a number of family and community services such as family support and information groups, child health and development screenings, In-home child development sessions, and toy- and book-lending libraries.
  • Community Action SW (Washington): 724.225.9550, x403
  • IU 1 (Coal Center): 724.938.3241, x242
  • Distance Learning Project Lewistown (Lewistown): 717.248.4942, x107
  • MyGED: Create an account, get GED® study materials and take a practice test. Access information on the test, step-by-step guidance, and tips for after you graduate.
  • Literacy Directory: A clearinghouse of adult basic education programs in the country.
  • PA Adult Education Resources: Adult Education Programs funded by Pennsylvania Department of Education.
Libraries for families:
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Very Grateful for PA Pre-K Counts

My daughter has learned social skills and how to build friendships.  She has learned her alphabet, how to count, the days of the weeks, the months.  She has learned about the weather.  She has also learned how to color inside the lines and she is working on writing her name. This program is going to prepare her for Kindergarten and I like the fact that she can attend Read more...

PA Pre-K Counts Helps with Smooth Transition

The Pre-K program has helped to prepare both of my boys for kindergarten.  The teachers conduct regular evaluations to determine what areas the children need the most help with.  Once they know what each child needs, they really direct attention to those areas and work with the children to help them learn and do well. I feel as if the teachers truly care; not just about their jobs, Read more...

Thankful and Confident with PA Pre-K Counts

This was Larry's only year of preschool. He starts kindergarten this fall. We are confident our son is ready for kindergarten. We believe he is prepared for a classroom situation and has learned what is expected of him to start his new journey. We are thankful for this opportunity Larry has had with PA Pre-K Counts. The teachers did a great job. This was also Colton’s first year in Read more...

Preschool children learn about community helpers from Senator Bartolotta

Pennsylvania State Senator, Camera Bartolotta recently had a very important role with the PA Pre-K Counts students at Rainbow’s End Learning Center in Washington, PA. The students, who were learning about the letter H, explored Senator Bartolotta's experience as a community helper on October 26, 2016. Said the Senator, "As a State Senator, I shared how I can be a community helper by ensuring our state parks stay Read more...

Cicada Crazy

The children at East Maiden Kid Biz have been a little Cicada crazed these past few days. Some of them have been so scared about our winged buzzy friends, they  have not wanted to go outside at all and that is not a good thing with summer just starting. We Read more...

Multi-Cultural Celebrations in Washington County

The Pre-K children at Washington SmartKids enjoyed a week of multi-cultural celebrations starting February 8, 2016 with Chinese New Year. The class first studied paper lanterns and the dragon dance. Then they made their own paper lanterns to hang in the room. The dragon dance was so much fun! Everyone made their own dragon and danced around the room to the beat of a drum, just like in the New Year parade. One of the parents gave instructions Read more...

Valentine's Day Craft for Preschoolers

Jessica, a Washington County mom receives the monthly Learning is Everywhere enews and was inspired to create this Valentine's Day activity to help her preschooler learn new skills and practice one she already knew. Doing different crafts with your children can be a fun way to engage your child and let them explore their creative side.  Read more...

Helping my child learn so much

The PA Pre-K Counts program is amazing! They have helped my child learn so much, from social skills to kindergarten readiness. The staff are very kind hearted and keep me informed of events and activities. Miss Kelly and Miss Sandy are Wonderful! Amy S. - Washington Park PA Pre-K Counts classroom Read more...

A safe, clean, loving, environment while I work

Thanks to the PA Pre-K Counts program I have been able to go to work to help in supporting our family! It is such a relief to know my daughter is in a safe, clean, loving, environment while I work! My daughter has blossomed since starting this PA Pre-K Counts program, she loves it!! She sings us songs she learns daily and has made lots of friends, daily she tells us how much she loves her Read more...

She has gained confidence

The PA Pre-K Counts Program has strongly impacted my family. This program is of vital importance to the lives of our children. Not only does it prepare them for Kindergarten but it also helps ease them into social experiences with other children. The transitioning process is extremely important at this age and with PA Pre-K Counts, transitioning to the next level is a cinch! My daughter is not only prepared Read more...

March 14: Celebrate National Pi Day (and Math!) with a book!

Did you know that babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners can start learning mathematical concepts before they even know what numbers are? (Numbers like pi 3.14!) Start your child on a life-long path of math by trying these activities: Provide plastic bowls, pots, wooden spoons for your baby to explore while you're cooking. Describe the sizes and the number of items. Give your toddler plastic measuring cups. Show him how to stack the cups on top of Read more...

10 kids books about dogs

Looking for a great children's book to celebrate National Puppy Day (March 23, 2017), or just a great dog book? Check out these favorites from PA's Promise for Children! Click here to print this list. Take the list to your library and ask the librarian to help you and your child find the books. Once you read each book, have your child circle the book! What is YOUR favorite book about dogs? Did it make Read more...

Tiona wouldn't have finished college

A graduate of the Nurse-Family Partnership program shared this note to her nurse. I just wanted to let you know that I finished college and I would not have done so without you. Thank you so much for all your love and support. You have forever touched and changed my life. And I miss ya. Hope all is well. Tiona Read more...

Early Learning Staff Celebrate National Literacy Day of Action

On July 29, 2015 the PA Key staff celebrated with The White House and the U.S. Department of Education to launch a day of action to raise awareness about the importance of reading where you are over the remaining days and weeks of summer before school starts. #ReadWhereYouAre highlights that reading over the summer makes a difference during the school year. When students are able to keep reading, they can keep learning, catch up, stay sharp and Read more...

Head Start has been an invaluable program for all of us

I would like to tell you how important the Head Start program has been to me and my family. My oldest son is now 29 years old. We know now that he is on the autism spectrum. He was born prematurely and had developmental delays. I was told those delays were a result of his prematurity. When my second son was born, thirteen months later, I began to realize how delayed my oldest son was. We Read more...

The more support young children get the better off they are

I have been involved in early childhood education for about 13 years. I am currently a Supervising Infant and Toddler teacher at a wonderful STAR 5, NAEYC accredited center. I enjoy making an impact each day in the lives of the children, families and staff that I work with. I have two children of my own, 4 and 2 years old. My mother has watched my children since they were babies as my husband and I were Read more...

Myleigh has flourished

When my daughter Myleigh began PA Pre-K Counts Preschool Program I was very apprehensive as to how the experience would be for her. The previous year she was enrolled in a two - half day a week program through an Early Interventions program. Myleigh had/has a significant speech delay and has had a lot of struggles and frustration when communicating with others either because they couldn't understand her or she just didn't know how to put Read more...

Ready for Kindergarten!

Our story began almost four years ago, with our eldest daughter Aurora. She was enrolled in the YMCA PA Pre-K Counts Program at age 3. She absolutely loved it and learned so many wonderful things, she always loves to go back for visits. Which is why we decided to stay with the school and enroll Lyliana 2 yrs ago. She is now 5 and has been there since she was 3. She loves her teachers Read more...

Sleepy Time, Bed Time: Ways to help your child sleep

What do sleepy babies, tired toddlers, yawning preschoolers, and cranky kindergartners have in common? They might not want to go to sleep at bedtime! Each child is different, but babies up to two years old may need nearly 11 hours of sleep a night, while preschoolers and kindergarteners may need 10 hours each night! Having a bedtime routine, or activities you do every night, can make a difference between a Read more...

Helping your child develop positive relationships

Positive relationships between families and children are the building blocks for healthy friendships. Get tips on how you can help your child develop positive relationships! Click here to print a copy!           Read more...
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What's Happening in Washington County:

Win a 2017 PA One Book!

The 2017 PA One Book; Every Young Child has finally arrived!  This year's selection, Daniel Finds a Poem, written and illustrated by Micha Archer, is a story about a boy who goes on an adventure through a park trying to find answers to his question, “What is poetry?” To help promote reading early and often to children in homes and early learning programs throughout Pennsylvania, one winner was selected Read more...

The 2017 PA One Book is here!

October 19th, 2016
2017 PA One Book, All Counties
Let's celebrate the 2017 PA One Book selection, Daniel Finds a Poem written and illustrated by Micha Archer! With beautiful illustrations and a great story about a boy who is on a mission to find out "What is poetry?" this book will help children explore and understand nature while seeing poetry everywhere through Daniel's experience. Attend an author reading in your community. The author, Read more...

October Book A Day Giveaway

Children who have access to books in their home spend more time with books, and those books can help them develop their language and communication skills. They are also more likely to do better in school, plus they can develop a stronger bond with their parent or caregiver.  PA's Promise is helping you build your child's home library with quarterly Book A Day Giveaways. During October, the book is Read more...

Engaging STEM Activity Using Plastic Lids

September 16th, 2016
All Counties, Resources
A Beaver County Pre-K Counts teacher, Kim Sabella at Tiny Tot Child Development Center incorporated recycled materials into an engaging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activity with her preschool classroom. Sending out a request to the families, Kim collected lids of all different sizes and colors. Once gathered, the students sorted them by colors and tried to figure Read more...

Keeping your child safe from lead

September 14th, 2016
All Counties, Resources
Did you ever wonder why a plumber is called a plumber?  Perhaps it is because plumbers worked with plumbum – a soft, gray-blue heavy metal that could easily be formed into pipes and troughs for carrying water. We know plumbum as lead. Lead has had many uses over the years, from making paint flow smoothly or keeping your car from “knocking,” to hardening plastics.  However, unlike other metals like zinc or copper, lead has no uses Read more...

6 Tips for Summer Safety

Summer time is fun time, but families want to keep their children safe. Check out these 6 tips for summer safety. Click here to print. Read more...

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month!

January 18th, 2016
All Counties, Resources
How many time a day does your child brush his teeth? Does she floss? It's never too early to teach your child how to take care of their teeth! During February's National Children's Dental Health Month learn how you can help your Read more...

Following their dreams in Washington County

Washington County PA Pre-K Counts children are looking toward the future. Over 200 PA Pre-K Counts children in Washington County celebrated PA's Promise for Children month by sharing their future plans. Parent, Heather L. stated, “Thanks to the PA Pre-K Counts program I have been able to go to work to help in supporting our family! It is such a relief to know my daughter is in a safe, clean, loving environment while I work.  My daughter has Read more...

Children and Families show their promise in Washington and Greene Counties

They're celebrating PA's Promise for Children Month in Washington County and Greene Counties! Over 200 children and their families participated with “I Promise” cards from local childcare centers and Pre-K Counts classrooms. These were then displayed  at Bowlby Library in Greene County and Citizen’s Library in Washington County to celebrate PA's Promise for Children Month. [caption id="attachment_11542" align="alignright" width="225"] Read more...

See if you’ve won the book What A Treasure!

You can start reading to your child as soon as he is born! Reading to him helps the two of you bond, and this gives your child a sense of security, intimacy and well-being. When started early, these feelings can help him develop a life-long love of reading. Reading a book is more than just looking at awesome pictures. Reading to a child can help your child learn that words represent sounds and concepts, words are Read more...