Chloe K. reads at grade level thanks to Early Intervention

Chloe, age 10, Pittsburgh

chloeK-AlleghenyI have the promise to be Governor!

Chloe was born in 2003 with a diagnosis of Down syndrome, and her birth placed our family on an incredible journey. Chloe received high quality Early Intervention/Early Childhood Education services at home and in her inclusive preschool setting from birth to age 5 and this investment provided the solid foundation for a lifetime of success.

Chloe is 10 years old, and she currently attends 5th grade at her neighborhood middle school reading at a 5th grade level. Chloe’s birth and the priceless impact of Early Intervention/Early Childhood Education services caused me to leave my 20 year police career and return to college to receive a Master’s Degree in Early Intervention. I now serve as Director of Community and Family Outreach for Early Intervention Specialists, and he also serves as Chair of the Governor’s Advisory Council for Early Intervention (SICC).

Chloe and our family have become strong advocates for children and families in PA, and they meet with policymakers frequently to show ABILITIES and how early investment always yields a positive return for every citizen. Chloe has become friends with Governor Corbett and several other legislators, and she shows many that “The smallest voice can make the largest impact.”

Chloe has appeared on a national TV program, sports commercial, in several magazine articles, on the big screen in Times Square NYC, and she is featured on the cover of a book with a chapter devoted to the seeds she has planted. Chloe’s advocacy led to the PA Senate, PA House and Allegheny County declaring 03/21/10 as PA and Allegheny County World Down Syndrome Day. Our family do frequent presentations for large groups of students, professionals, and families about the importance of Early Intervention/Early Childhood Education, and we feel very blessed that we can be a loud Voice for Pennsylvania’s most precious, irreplaceable resource – children.

Kurt, Chloe’s dad

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