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PA Pre-K Counts helps shape the path to a lifetime of successful learning

May 16th, 2017
Northampton, Stories

For the past two years, my son has benefited from a program at the YMCA Forks Education Center called PA Pre-K Counts. (more…)

Our Support and Gratitude for PA Pre-K Counts

March 2nd, 2017
Northampton, Stories

We are parents of special-needs twins who have greatly benefited from the PA Pre-K Counts program at the Forks YMCA Education Center and we would like to express our support and gratitude for the state’s sponsorship of this program. The program has played an instrumental role in the development of our children, and the change in our twins over the past two years has been dramatic.

They entered the PA Pre-K Counts program with delays that interfered with their ability to learn in a typical classroom setting. Now they are on target developmentally and poised to be successful kindergartners. When children receive the assistance they need early, they are more likely to succeed later and require fewer services as they progress throughout the educational system.

Our children are already proof of that. While in the PA Pre-K Counts program, their other state-funded special education services like speech therapy and occupational therapy decreased and the need for them has now been completely eliminated.

PA Pre-K Counts was instrumental in getting them to this stage, and we are so proud of them, and are so grateful for legislators who understand that by funding programs like PA Pre-K Counts now, we save on future costs.

Bret W. & Sharon J.

PBS 39: FOCUS special report

PBS 39 devoted a FOCUS special report on early education in celebration of Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children Month. Watch the program below:

Sienna is excelling!

May 14th, 2014
Northampton, Stories

When Sienna was enrolled and accepted into PA Pre-K Counts we were thrilled. Her education is our primary focus. Being an only child has its challenges. The program has not only helped Sienna academically but also helped her socially. Being in a Keystone STAR 4 facility has made all of the difference. (more…)

Celebrating Week of the Young Child in Lehigh Valley

April 7th, 2014
Lehigh County, Northampton

Lehigh Valley Children’s Centers (LVCC) is proud to celebrate Week of the Young Child™  by collaborating with a number of community partners from April 7-11, 2014 to bring health, nutrition and public safety programs into LVCC’s early learning centers. Nearly 600 Lehigh Valley children, ages three to 12, attending LVCC will participate in hands-on fitness and bike safety activities throughout the week.

Capital Blue Cross and The OrganWise Guys will come to 11 LVCC locations (in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Nazareth, Emmaus and Alburtis) from April 7-10, empowering children to be healthy and smart from the inside out. The interactive nutrition and physical activity lessons teach young children healthy living habits. More information about The OrganWise Guys can be found at

Valley Preferred Cycling Center will offer a bicycle safety course at two Allentown centers on April 7 and 8, designed to help children understand the importance of bike safety and wearing a helmet in a fun, interactive way.

Aetna Better Health® of Pennsylvania will bring its Fast Food Relay and Match Dash programs to four centers in Allentown and Easton from April 7-9, promoting health through physical activity and educational trivia.

AmeriHealth Caritas will administer the health education program, Healthy You, Healthy Me, at three LVCC locations in Allentown and Bethlehem on April 7, 9 and 11. The program encourages children to increase physical activity, improve nutrition through smart snacking, increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, increase healthy lifestyle awareness, and reduce Body Mass Index.

To further recognize the importance of early childhood education, the following local legislators and Lehigh Valley Children’s Centers Board Members will visit the programs:


  • State Representative Daniel McNeill – LVCC at St. Luke’s on April 10
  • State Representative Justin Simmons – LVCC at South Mountain on April 10
  • State Representative Ryan Mackenzie – LVCC at Alburtis School on April 10
  • State Senator Pat Browne – LVCC’s Judith Chase Early Learning Center on April 11
  • State Representative Marcia Hahn – LVCC at Monocacy Manor on April 11


LVCC Board Members

  • Suzanne Stianche, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. – LVCC on Walnut Street on April 8
  • Susan Schupp, PNC Wealth Management Group – LVCC at Monocacy Manor on April 8
  • Richard Lemak, MINTEQ International, Inc. – LVCC at Stones Crossing on April 9
  • Debbie Matz, Nazareth Area School District – LVCC at Nazareth Area Intermediate School on April 9
  • Marc S. Fisher, Esq., Worth, Magee & Fisher P.C. – LVCC at Muhlenberg School on April 9
  • Susan P. Williams, Aetna Inc. – LVCC at Lincoln School on April 10


About Lehigh Valley Children’s Centers

A not-for-profit organization serving the Lehigh Valley for over 40 years, Lehigh Valley Children’s Centers (LVCC) provides high-quality early education and child care to promote healthy child development, meet the needs of families and encourage children to discover the joy of learning.  Nearly 1,000 children attend 21 LVCC locations in Lehigh and Northampton counties. For more information, visit

For more information, contact Shawn Deiter at 610-820-5333, ext. 205 or

Gia N., growing strong!

Gia Isabela N., age 4

Easton, Northampton County

“I have the promise to be a dentist!”

Gia came to us when she was two years old; now four we have seen so many special talents developing right before our eyes.  Gia wants to be a Dentist when she gets bigger.  (more…)

Hannah M. has thrived at PA Pre-K Counts

Hannah M., age 4HannahM-Northampton

Easton, Northampton County 

I have the promise to be a teacher!

Hannah has thrived during her time at Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts.  She has two older sisters so she has been looking forward to preschool for years.  (more…)

Jorel and Keana B., well on their way to be ready for kindergarten!

Jorel and Keana B., age 4

Easton, Northampton County

“We have the promise to be Twin Superheros!”

Jorel and Keana started Pre-K Counts in the three year old classroom and we have seen their growth in so many ways. As twins, I feared that they would have social problems or anxiety from being separated.   (more…)

Ella D. has the promise to be an author of children’s books

Ella D., age 3

Nazareth, Northampton County

“I have the promise to be an Author of children’s storybooks!”

Our daughter, Ella, came into our hearts and family on November 19th (National Adoption Day) in Jiangxi Province, China. In preparation for that special adoption day, we talked with the staff at our area child care center about her arrival regarding any special needs that Ella may have and ways to make her transition from an orphanage setting to a child care program a smooth one. The teachers that were assigned to work with Ella at the child care center prepared for her arrival by reading about international adoption, asking questions of us, and exploring ways to make Ella’s first day special. (more…)

Gillian growing and blossoming

Gillian H, age 3

Easton, Northampton County

“I have the promise to be… anything I want to be!”

Our grandchild Gillian is three years old. She was born prematurely. We thank God everyday for her life. She is the apple of her Daddy’s eye and the “Mini-Mommy” of her Mommy. (more…)