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July-August: 1-2-3 Grow With Me

1-2-3 Grow with Me, a series of five weekly, free, hour-long programs. Each program is open to ten families and their young children, ages birth to five. Your entire family is welcome to participate.

During July and August the library will be offering opportunities for your family to attend 1, 2, 3 Grow with Me programs:

Thursday evenings at 6 pm
July 13, 20, 27, August 3 and 10.

The programs will focus on these topics:
◊ Early Literacy
◊ Child Development
◊ Nutrition
◊ Speech & Hearing
◊ Music

The focus of the “1-2-3 Grow with Me” program is the importance of play for young children. Play is more than just fun. It helps kids to grow in many ways. Play helps children to learn about dealing with
the world around them.

When kids play they are learning many important skills. For example, when they build a block tower, they are developing motor skills, but they are also learning about balance, shapes, and higher order
thinking skills.

This program will have a variety of fun toys that will help your child develop many skills. Most importantly, the program will be fun!

Why you should participate in the “1-2-3 Grow with Me” program?

For Kids:
• Time to spend with mom or dad!
• Lots of interesting toys to try out!
• Time to play with other kids!
• It’s all about fun!

For Parents:
• Time to spend one-on-one with your child!
• Meet other parents with children the same age as yours!
• An opportunity to meet and ask questions of child development professionals.

Each workshop will feature a different child development professional, including the following:
• Early literacy
• Child development
• Nutrition
• Speech and hearing
• Music

Please register for “1-2-3 Grow with Me” by calling the Mengle Memorial Library at 814-265-8245.

Kindergarten registration in Clarion County

Additional information will be added soon, so please check back if your school district is not listed.

Clarion Area: Registration March 30th and 31st.  Parent Meeting March 23.

Clarion-Limestone:  Registration March 23 and 24.  Parent Meeting March 16.

Redbank Valley:  Registration March 21, 22, 23

Keystsone:  Registration March 28, 29

Union (Sligo): Registration April 20, 21 Parent Meeting on March 22 at 6:30

North Clarion:  No Date

ACV:  Registration April 20 and 21

Wonderful Way to Prep for Kindergarten

September 23rd, 2015
Clarion County, Stories

PA Pre-K Counts mom, Sara, writes a letter to Allegheny-Clarion Valley Elementary, expressing her gratitude.

I am writing you on behalf of, and to support, the Jefferson-Clarion Head Start Program that is held at the A-CV Elementary.

As the school year is coming to an end I wanted to express my gratitude for this program. My two daughters have taken advantage of this amazing resource; Madelyn attending last year and Gillian attending this current school year.

This program is invaluable to me as a parent of young children. It not only prepares my children to attend your school but it brings about a familiarity with the ACV school staff. Both aspects are a wonderful way to prep these new beginners to attend kindergarten.

Although Madelyn only attended half of her kindergarten year due to her medical situation, she still has a sense of belongingness to the school. She was very comfortable when starting the year and I have no doubt that this Pre-K program and it’s location had much to do with this comfort level. Both of my daughters claim the school as their own when we drive by, creating this bond at such a young age is priceless for future success as students and as a school community.

Sara S., Pre-K and Kindergartener Mom

100% for the Better

September 23rd, 2015
Clarion County, Stories

I am contacting you on behalf of the teachers of the PA Pre-K Counts located at the Allegheny-Clarion Valley Elementary, Ms. Darla Slaugenhaupt and Mrs. Kim Callander.

I have had two daughters attend PA Pre-K Counts; one last year (Madelyn) and one this year (Gillian).

Madelyn has several medical issues and is essentially a very delicate case. However the teachers made her feel like a normal kid and didn’t let her medical issues stop her from experiencing the school year. She attended when she could and when she did she was much happier. She has since moved on to Kindergarten, but hasn’t been able to keep up with the demands it requires. I can, and do, still say that PA Pre-K Counts was the best and most well rounded experience she has yet to receive. These two teachers made this possible. If I was not comfortable with their demeanor or concern for the students I would have never felt comfortable enough to allow my child to be in their care. On the contrary I have not left Madelyn with anyone I felt MORE comfortable with. Both teachers were compassionate but firm, both qualities of a good teacher in my eyes.

As my other daughter, Gillian, is finishing up her year with these same teachers I once again am thankful for this program and the teachers. Gillian is a very energetic child who I was concerned wouldn’t adapt to a school routine. However I can’t express my gratitude enough to the PA Pre-K Counts program and her teachers for the changes I have seen in her. Within days of her 5th birthday I witnessed her write the entire alphabet on her own, counted to 30 then backwards from 10, and draw some very clear and adorable pictures from her own imagination. She is still very energetic, but she has absorbed every lesson her teachers have exposed her to, and at home I’ve seen a big change in her ability to focus on tasks. Gillian’s teachers have changed her 100% for the better through guidance, flexibility and pure ability as teachers.

Both of these women are not only great teachers but overall well rounded individuals that I have always felt comfortable with. As a parent I know I could express concerns to them if needed and have felt they have communicated very well with me about the happenings in the classroom as well as my daughter’s progress. It is probably obvious that I am also a supporter of the PA Pre-K Counts program as well; both as a resource to me as a parent and it’s convenient location at the ACV Elementary. I can’t speak more highly of it and recommend it to anyone who asks.

Thank you for your time and for listening to my praises.

Sara S.

PA Pre-K Counts Student Mom

The tools to success

April 6th, 2015
Clarion County, Stories
In our area there is a local school that allows 3 year old children into their program. As a 3 year old (2 months shy of 4) our son was more than ready to begin school. He had started Pre-school at that facility last year. In a “nutshell” I can describe that year as a “FAIL.” He had experienced many traumatic experiences. Which caused me to worry that he would hate school forever.I was excited for him to begin PA Pre-K Counts with Mrs. Jordan. I can not begin to describe all the “wonderful” that has came from this year. I have watched my son bounce into school each day with a huge smile on his face. He comes home singing new songs daily and is so excited each and every day to tell me about his day. Each day is packed with activities.

He had been able to recognize his letters before he started this school year. This amazing teacher has keep him engaged with every letter. He knows how to recognize, write, knows the sound of the letter, and has a “friend” and a song to go with each letter.

He has made some awesome art projects in the classroom. Many have made me stop and think “His teacher is so creative, I would never have thought of this.”

He has gained much socially as well. He has made friendships with other students and has been able to maintain these friendships throughout the school year.

Due to this year in PA Pre-K Counts, there is not a doubt in my mind that he is more than ready for Kindergarten. I think that he has learned a strong skill set that will give him the tools to success. Thank you to the PA Pre-K Counts Program at North Clarion. A Huge thank you to Mrs. Jordan!

Elisa H.


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My Son’s Teacher was Key

April 1st, 2015
Clarion County, Stories

My son was in PA Pre-K Counts last year at North Clarion School District in Clarion County. I cannot say enough good things about this program.

We were hesitant at first because he was 4. But we realize now if he would not have attended this, he would have been so far behind starting kindergarten. (more…)


Tender Hearts Day Care, a Keystone STARS Star 3 family child care in Homer City, has been selected as the recipient of the fourth quarter “Bright Star” Award for 2013-14, co-sponsored by the Northwest Institute of Research and Clarion University.

Owned and operated by Brenda McCroskey, Tender Hearts, located at 30 Carson St. next to the Homer City Area Elementary School and playground, was nominated for (more…)

Successful Inaugural PA One Book Symposium

The Northwest Regional Key would like to thank everyone that attended the inaugural PA One Book Symposium Tuesday April 22 at the Clarion Holiday Inn featuring Susan Stockdale, author of the 2014 PA One Book, Stripes Of All Types. (more…)