Teachers support Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children

New- Kindergarten Here I Come and Kindergarten Here I Am E-News teacher/administrator sign up

As a teacher, you know that young children that receive a quality early learning experience come to school ready to learn and are more like to do better in school; are less likely to repeat a grade or require special education services; are more likely to graduate high school and attend college; have higher earnings; and are more productive citizens.

Here are some ways that you can support Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children:

  1. Provide information for families in your classroom about quality early learning
  2. Become a public voice for early learning

Provide information for the parents in your classroom about quality early learning

The children you teach may have younger siblings at home, and their parents could benefit from your expertise and help.

You may want to provide copies of OCDEL’s parent activity guides for children from birth through kindergarten. You can download the guides in PDF form or order them online.  The activities are based on the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards.

You my also want to download or order copies of our PA’s Promise for Children parent materials such as

  • “Help Young Children Learn/Choosing an Early Learning Program for Your Child” bookmark
  • “My child is learning from birth? You bet! Quality early learning opportunities for your child” brochure

New- Kindergarten Here I Come and Kindergarten Here I Am E-News

Kindergarten teachers – help families become more involved in their child’s development and support children’s skill building at home by sharing our new Kindergarten Here I Come and Kindergarten Here I Am monthly e-newsletters.

The Kindergarten Here I Come (for four-year olds) and Kindergarten Here I Am (for kindergartners) monthly e-newsletters provide fun family activities based on Pennsylvania’s Learning Standards for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. These activities help build children’s skills while engaging families in their children’s development. Teachers and administrators can encourage families to sign up individually on the Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children website, or teachers and administrators can sign up and forward the E-News to the families in their classroom.

Teachers and Administrators may sign up for the Kindergarten Here I Come! and Kindergarten Here I Am! E-newsletters here.


Become a public voice for early learning

By sharing your own experiences with children and how you believe quality early learning opportunities prepare a child for success in school and in life, you provide an important perspective to our decision makers, our legislators and community leaders.

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    i promise to provide information for familes in my classroom about qualilty early learning

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