Building Block #4: Early education teachers going back to school

Because the first five years have such as impact on brain development, we cannot afford to lose even one year of a child’s early education.

Early education teachers increasing their education, providing better education to their students.

Fast Facts:

  • Teacher quality is critical to the success of an early learning program. Qualified teachers keep children engaged, promote positive development, address concerns, and work with parents to create learning experiences both in school and at home. Several studies have found that the presence of teachers with a bachelor’s degree specialized in early childhood education leads to better outcomes for young children.1


You can share:

With Providers/Community leaders:

  • The number of teachers in your program or community that are working towards their CDA or college degrees; the number that graduated this year. Share how much work and commitment it takes to go back to school while teaching.
  • How have teachers’ skills and teaching styles changed as a result of getting more education? Are there immediate impacts to their classrooms?

With Parents:

  • How your child’s teachers make a difference in your child’s learning. How do they encourage your child’s growth? How do they work with you to continue activities at home?


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Thank you for your helping our young children reach their promise through quality early education!

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