Building Block #2: Pennsylvania’s early education programs continue to improve quality, creating higher community ROI


Fast Facts:

  • Pennsylvania’s early learning programs are built on research-based, quality standards.
  • As programs increase staff education and retain more staff,  use curriculum that aligns with the PA Early Learning Standards, and conduct regular child assessments, they provide a better early education for young children.
  • Pennsylvania’s programs continue to increase quality, providing consistently positive outcomes for children.
  • The odds of a STARS provider advancing a STAR level is 4.3 times greater when they receive STARS Technical Assistance than when they do not.
  • Between 2003 – 2011, classroom quality scores on the Environment Rating Scale have continued to rise, showing a positive trend of increasing quality in Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts, Keystone STARS and Head Start classrooms.
  • Continued investment in early education programs is necessary to continue this positive trend.

You can share:

  • Specific supports your program or programs in your community receives to help improve quality such as
    • Professional development
    • Technical assistance and mentoring
    • Targeted financial supports
  • How programs in your community have increased their quality over the past year by:
    • Teachers earning degrees or taking college classes
    • Moving up a STAR level
    • Earning higher ERS classroom scores
    • Oberving children’s progress and sharing with families
    • Mentoring
  • How these supports have helped children’s development and families’ engagement in their children’s learning.


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Thank you for your helping our young children reach their promise through quality early education!

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