If you would like to order copies of the Learning is Everywhere, Kindergarten Here I Come or Kindergarten Here I am calendars, you can order them online.

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Here are some materials to help spread the word about Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children. If you would like hard copies you may order them online

Great materials for families


Free online resources to help your child learn and grow (PDF). Provides simple tips on helping your young child learn and grow and highlights resources like the Early Learning GPS (Guiding Parents Smoothly), Learning is Everywhere family activity guide, and Be Your Child’s Champion booklet.

Ways to help your young child learn & Choosing an early learning program for your child bookmark (PDF). Simple tips on helping children learn at home and what to look for when choosing an early learning program (i.e. child care, Head Start, preschool) for your child.

Quality early learning opportunities for your child brochure (PDF). Provides information on OCDEL programs available free or at low cost to families in Pennsylvania.

Learning is Everywhere calendar. Includes fun family activities for children from birth to age five to learn everywhere – each month focuses on a place.

Keystone STARS brochure (PDF) – English | Spanish Basic information on Keystone STARS.

Keystone STARS bookmark (PDF) – Provides quick reference on the benefits of Keystone STARS and how each STAR level builds higher quality.
<h3 >Help families tell their story

Those that make decisions about funding early education, such as school board members, superintendents, local officials and legislators, need to hear how early education is making a difference for families in their community. Here are some materials that can help families share their story.

“I have the promise to be …” notecards. Children can write on the front what they want to be when they grow up and include a photo or draw a picture; parents can write in the card what early education has meant to their child’s development. Great to give to legislators and community leaders.

“I am Pennsylvania’s Promise” sheets.  PDF  |  Word with text box. The sheets include a blue and yellow border and information about why quality early learning is so important with a big “I am Pennsylvania’s Promise!” at the top. You can insert the child’s photo and use to provide progress reports to parents or to school and community leaders, legislators and other public officials. You can also use them to have children draw artwork and share their own stories.

Great materials to spread the word that quality early learning matters!

Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children brochure – Learn, Get Involved, Tell Your Story includes the declaration and ways you can support Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children

Celebrate Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children brochure Includes tips to Learn, Get Involved, and Tell Your Story, with brief descriptions of each OCDEL program

PA Promise ads – You can use these ads in newsletters, papers, or as flyers to raise awareness that quality early learning matters and offer ways everyone can help Pennsylvania’s young children reach their promise. Ads in PDF format below (text fields are added for  you to customize in ads with a blank space): if you would like them in a different format, please contact Mary Hall at or 717-213-2077.

  • Did you know that what children learn before kindergarten affects how well they will do in school and even what they might be when they grow up?Provides simple tips for helping children learn and choosing a child care/early learning program. Includes a box to add contact or other local information
  • All children need quality early education to succeed, but not all children get it. Includes several tips on how to Learn, Get Involved, and Tell Your Story.

PA Promise wallet cards (PDF). Includes six key statistics to understand why quality early learning is vital to children’s success in school and in life. Great to share with school board members and superintendents, county officials and community leaders, and legislators. You can keep one in your wallet or purse so you are always prepared to talk to a leader about quality early education!

PA Promise “talking points” (PDF) – Key points on why quality early education is important and highlights of several of Pennsylvania’s early education programs. Great to use when talking to school and community leaders and legislators.

PA Promise declaration petition form. (Word) This is a great form to use when you are collecting multiple signatures for PA’s Promise.