About Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children

How your child’s brain develops before age five affects how he will learn for life. By age five, 90% of your child’s brain and brain connections are developed! Thousands of connections that build language, math and social skills for life.

Why does this matter? Because the connections made in your child’s brain before age five set the foundation for all his learning as he grows up and become an adult. After age five, new brain connections are harder to make.

You want your child to be safe, well cared for and given lots of learning activities. Pennsylvania offers several programs for children from birth through school-age that are free or low-cost to eligible families that prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children, known as PA Promise, is a campaign to help families make good choices about their child’s early learning and choose quality early learning programs that are right for their family. The Pennsylvania Office of Early Learning and Development (OCDEL) is the primary partner in PA Promise.

  • Megan George says:

    Yes, for ALL children, this should not only include children from low income families, but any child with any kind of disability. PA does not support this with the Pre K counts program, only if you are also “financially qualified” is your disable child deemed “at risk”. I am ashamed of the state in which I am raising my children. Let’s go PA! Make some changes to a better future for ALL CHILDREN!

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