A Teacher’s Perspective: Learning the Life of a Farmer

October 29th, 2013
Monroe County, Stories
A Monroe County PA Pre-K Counts teacher shares how she makes an early learning experience fun for everyone.
My name is Carrie Poskitt, and I am the PA Pre-K Counts teacher at Wee Wons Daycare Center in Pocono Pines, PA.
As the season of summer began to change to autumn, my students started to question and observe the change in the trees, along with the seasonal crops such as apples and pumpkins. Although my students were actively engaged in Orchard Trip 034learning about apples and pumpkins through stories, songs, art creations, and science experiments, they were interested in learning more about “who” grows apples and pumpkins. This is when I decided to contact Heckman Orchards, where the farmers were generous enough to provide a field trip for PA Pre-K Counts.
The farmers provided a hayride for the children to show them the variety of crops and fields. While driving through the orchard, the farmer pointed out many different crops, such as corn, tomatoes, pine trees, pumpkins, and apples. Through the tractor ride, the children also learned that a tractor is a way of “getting around” at the orchard and it “pulls a wagon to hold the crops”.
When we arrived in the apple orchard, the farmer demonstrated how to pick the apples off a tree, then encouraged all the children to “be a farmer” and help pick apples to fill up the crates (bushels). Once the bushels were filled, the farmer encouraged the children to pick some apples to take home.
Orchard Trip 022The children learned that farmers must sort apples by size (small, medium, and large) before selling them in the store. The farmer demonstrated how sorting is completed by showing the children the grading room.

My students had a great time at the orchard. They created many pictures and stories about the life as a farmer, and continue to share their favorite moments of the trip. Our appreciation of the trip was given to the farmers at Heckman Orchards through a “thank you card” and a class book of their learning experience.

The children continue to share their interest of farming in the classroom through play, songs, and wondering through discussion. Their learning was extended by taking a class trip to the orchard.

Submitted by Carrie Poskitt

Wee Wons Daycare Center is a Keystone STARS participant.

  • Mary Edna Lykens says:

    What a wonderful learning experience! I believe that it is so important that children know where the food originates and not that it just “comes from the store”. Hands-on experiences are the best!

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