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Ella D. has the promise to be an author of children’s books

Ella D., age 3

Nazareth, Northampton County

“I have the promise to be an Author of children’s storybooks!”

Our daughter, Ella, came into our hearts and family on November 19th (National Adoption Day) in Jiangxi Province, China. In preparation for that special adoption day, we talked with the staff at our area child care center about her arrival regarding any special needs that Ella may have and ways to make her transition from an orphanage setting to a child care program a smooth one. The teachers that were assigned to work with Ella at the child care center prepared for her arrival by reading about international adoption, asking questions of us, and exploring ways to make Ella’s first day special. (more…)

EdenGrace L., Lycoming County

EdenGrace L., age 7EdenGraceL-Lycoming1

South Williamsport, Lycoming County

“I have the promise to be a doctor!”

I had dreams of being a mother- ever since I realized the amazingness of my own mother. I was the classic baby doll holding, house-playing toddler that dreamed of my own family one day-including the white picket fence. When I was all grown up and the reality of baring children in my womb was an apparent NO-GO… I realized that GOD’s plan “A” was different for me- plan “A” was adoption. (more…)

Gillian growing and blossoming

Gillian H, age 3

Easton, Northampton County

“I have the promise to be… anything I want to be!”

Our grandchild Gillian is three years old. She was born prematurely. We thank God everyday for her life. She is the apple of her Daddy’s eye and the “Mini-Mommy” of her Mommy. (more…)

Enhancing our lives

September 30th, 2013
Cumberland County, Stories

A Cumberland County mom shares how the PA Pre-K Counts has impacted her family.

I cannot find the words to express my satisfaction with the PA Pre-K Counts program, the classroom teachers and the entire facility and staff.

I am so blessed (more…)

Great Expectations Child Care & Learning Center advances to a STAR 4

September 30th, 2013
Indiana County, News, Stories

Great Expectations Child Care and Learning Center in Blairsville, Indiana County, recently boosted its rating and has been recognized with a Keystone STAR 4 designation.

Great Expectations is licensed to provide child care and early learning services (more…)

Opening the door to my children’s full potential

September 30th, 2013
Berks County, Stories

A Berks County mom shares how a Keystone STARS child care center helped prepare her twins for the first day of school.

The first day of kindergarten came too soon for me as I’m sure it does for all parents. My happy and loving twin boys were very excited and shared none of my Mommy sadness at them growing up too fast. They naturally assumed that kindergarten would be fun and exciting, that their classmates would be friendly and that their new teacher would be patient, loving and ready to embrace them as active little boys.

On that first day while dropping my boys off I witnessed quite a few crying children being separated from their parents. My boys gave me a quick kiss, yelled bye Mom and ran off to join their new classmates and teacher, not because they wouldn’t miss me, but because they were securely attached and confident.  You see my children spent the first five years of their lives in a Keystone STARS accredited childcare center, and had already learned that the world was a safe and kind place, full of wonders to explore and new friends to meet. My boys knew that they could trust my judgment about this new place and that I would be back to get them at the end of the day.

At the end of that big first day as I waited with the other parents to be reunited with our children, the teacher followed my boys out. After giving us a moment to greet each other, she approached and asked me where my boys attended pre-school. I quickly told her about Boyertown Children’s Center and the Keystone STARS program. Apparently she was quite impressed by my boy’s school readiness, social skills, self help skill and self confidence.

I have to admit it was nice to hear her compliments, especially considering that my twins were born prematurely and at particular risk for developmental delays. As the end of kindergarten nears and my boys continue to thrive as they prepare to move on to first grade, we know that we are still experiencing the benefits of their early childhood education.

Boyertown Children’s Center and Keystone STARS will always hold a special place in my heart for opening the door to my children’s full potential and giving them the confidence to face new challenges with joyful anticipation.

Submitted by Beth S., Berks County mom

The Learning Lamp Marks Ten Years of Lighting the Way to a Brighter Future for Area Children

September 27th, 2013
Cambria County, News, Stories

The Learning Lamp is turning 10!

It was September 26, 2003 when The Learning Lamp was incorporated to provide all children in the Johnstown area with equal access to the kind of high quality tutoring that they needed—regardless of their parents’ ability to pay for those services. (more…)

Life of a Farmer helps students learn

September 26th, 2013
Monroe County, Stories

A Monroe County PA Pre-K Counts teacher shares how a local community business helps her students learn in a “real life” environment.

My name is Carrie Poskitt, and I am the PA Pre-K Counts teacher (more…)

Northampton County STAR 4 program helps Carmine and Natalia shine

September 26th, 2013
Northampton, Stories

My children Natalia and Carmine Picone are Shining Stars because of the Keystone STARS program. Lehigh Valley Children’s Center at Fowler, a STAR 4 program, has excellent teachers who stand by my children to provide them with great achievements. For example, my son Carmine had difficulty speaking and pronouncing words. His teachers worked with him every day learning different words sometime in different languages. Before you know it, our concerns with his vocabulary were nonexistent. My daughter Natalia has also picked up on her vocabulary as well.

I think through this program they have each became very independent. As parents Nate and I have also been very supportive of how the teachers maintain their classroom. We try to imitate their strategy like clean up time, days of the week and washing hands before meals. This program is great because it mentally prepares your child for what lies ahead.

Vanessa and Nate P., parents, Northampton County

Northampton County parents and teachers partner to make Gillian H. a Shining Star

September 26th, 2013
Northampton, Stories

Most preemies are expected to be delayed until they are 2 years corrected not chronological age. However, when people first meet our little one, they would never believe that she was born premature. We can confidently say that we owe a great deal of her success to the caregivers at Lehigh Valley Children’s Centers, Stones Crossing. At 12 months, Gillian was thriving and surpassing all expectations. Now, as we approach her second birthday, we are proud to see that our beautiful daughter is right on track with her peers and excelling in her fine motor skills. Gillian is learning at an accelerated pace and we are often amazed with the new skills she picks up at school.

We are most pleased with the consistency and positive correction techniques used by her teachers as she learns appropriate social skills with her peers. She is learning positive ways to communicate when she gets upset and through the use of positive redirection they are laying the groundwork for her learning right from wrong. We have always had high praise for the skill and compassion shown to our child by her caregivers and we are able to see her display the same compassion and caring to others. She is often the first to offer hugs of comfort to her friends and family when they express hurt. Right before our eyes, she is growing into a social and compassionate little girl.

We are thankful every day for the professionals at Leigh Valley Children’s Center Stones Crossing location. They are dedicated, educated and have been a great source of practical suggestions, perspective and support. They are truly partners in parenting for us and we will always be thankful that we chose them to be a part of our child’s first years.

Jason H., Gillian’s dad, Northampton County