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Letter to the editor | Education begins early

July 26th, 2013
Centre County, News, Newsroom

Published by the Centre Daily Times, July 26, 2013

As the new school year approaches, many families are getting children ready for kindergarten. What children learn from birth affects how well they will do in kindergarten and in life. Research shows that about 90 percent of our brains are developed by age 5, as well are our capabilities for problem-solving, creativity and teamwork. (more…)

PA’s Promise wins Media Award

July 23rd, 2013
News, Newsroom

Thanks to Progressive Education of Children in the Arts Network, Inc. (PECAN, Inc.) for recognizing Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children with its 2013 Media Award. The Media Award was created in 2005 to recognize a program in any type of media that influences children in positive, productive ways by use of auditory and visual arts.

Other winners include Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, WITF, and Central Penn Parent. (more…)

110 Adams County residents sign PA’s Promise Declaration

July 19th, 2013
Adams County, Declarations

More than 110 residents of Adams County have signed the Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children declaration, including: (more…)

Successful transitions to Kindergarten

A Westmoreland County Keystone STARS program shares their successful experiences in transitioning students into Kindergarten.

Tiny Town Early Learning Center (Westmoreland)Tiny Town Early Learning Center is a Pennsylvania Keystone STAR 4 Quality Center, which is NAEYC accreditated, and part of the Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts program.

They provide many activities to help their preschoolers make a smooth transition into Kindergarten. (more…)

Promoting Kindergarten Readiness in Allegheny County

Hi5.stickerbleedXSchool Districts in Allegheny County are gearing up for the new kindergarten students this summer.  Some are hosting summer camps and orientations for students and parents before the doors open on that first day of school. Some have made videos on A Day in the Life of a Kindergarten Student and posted it on their website or have given it to students as they have registered early for kindergarten. (more…)

Countdown to Kindergarten: Tips for your kindergartner

It’s hard to imagine school starts soon!  For children entering kindergarten, it is a significant transition moving from home or early care/learning to school.  Over the years, the kindergarten curriculum has become more demanding.  Children need to be prepared on the first day of school.  (more…)

Luzerne County community members partner to celebrate Week of the Young Child

A Luzerne County Keystone STARS provider shares how their early learning facility celebrated Week of the Young Child

Little Meadows Learning Center was happy to celebrate the NAEYC sponsored annual event “2013 Week of the Young Child”. During this year’s celebration, Little Meadows welcomed Sr. Pat McCann, Early Childhood professor from neighboring Misericordia University to read to our Pre-kindergarten students. We were also honored to have Pennsylvania State Representative Karen Boback and Senator Lisa Baker read the “One Book For Every Child” The Bus For Us, written by Suzanne Bloom. (more…)

Very comfortable

July 12th, 2013
Montgomery County, Stories

A Montgomery County mom shares how her daugher has grown in her Keystone STARS program.

My daughter has been with the center since she was a few months old. She is now three years old and has developed mentally and physically so much. The staff is friendly and always avilable to answer any questions or concerns I have. (more…)

Trust during transition

July 12th, 2013
Montgomery County, Stories

A Montgomery County mom shares how Keystone STARS helped prepare her twins for a smooth transition into Kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten came too soon for me as I’m sure it does for all parents. My happy and loving twin boys were very excited and shared none of my Mommy sadness at them growing up too fast.

They naturally assumed that kindergarten would be fun and exciting, that their classmates would be friendly and that their new teacher would be patient, loving and ready to embrace them as active little boys.

On that first day while dropping my boys off I witnessed quite a few crying children being separated from their parents. My boys gave me a quick kiss, yelled bye Mom and ran off to join their new classmates and teacher, not because they wouldn’t miss me, but because they were securely attached and confident. You see my children spent the first five years of their lives in a Keystone STARS Accredited childcare center, and had already learned that the world was a safe and kind place, full of wonders to explore and new friends to meet. My boys knew that they could trust my judgment about this new place and that I would be back to get them at the end of the day.

At the end of that big first day as I waited with the other parents to be reunited with our children, the teacher followed my boys out. After giving us a moment to greet each other, she approached and asked me where my boys attended pre-school. I quickly told her about Boyertown Children’s Center and the Keystone STARS program. Apparently she was quite impressed by my boy’s school readiness, social skills, self help skill and self confidence.

I have to admit it was nice to hear her compliments, especially considering that my twins were born prematurely and at particular risk for developmental delays. As the end of kindergarten nears and my boys continue to thrive as they prepare to move on to first grade, we know that we are still experiencing the benefits of their early childhood education. Boyertown Children’s Center and Keystone STARS will always hold a special place in my heart for opening the door to my children’s full potential and giving them the confidence to face new challenges with joyful anticipation.

Elizabeth S.

Boyertown Children’s Center is a Keystone STARS participant.

Like a little kid should

July 12th, 2013
Montgomery County

A Montgomery County parent shares what they like about their Keystone STARS provider.

Part of what I like about your center (Boyertown Children’s Center) is that I feel like it’s the same care he would be getting if he were home all day. I’d have him outside playing, digging in the dirt, finding caterpillars, riding bikes and throwing balls. I know in your program he is outside running around and playing, like a little kid should.

Boyertown Children’s Center is a Keystone STARS participant.