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Happy and confident and very ready to begin school

A Montgomery County family shares how their family is happy and confident about starting school because of a Keystone STARS program.

When we first found out in 2007 that we were going to become parents for the first time, we spent a great deal of time thinking about what we value and how we want to raise our child. We carefully weighed whether one of us should be a stay-at-home parent or whether we should put our child in a quality preschool program. Both of us are teachers in a local school district, and see on a daily basis how students who have had access to quality early childhood development—than others who did not experience these programs. (more…)

Always excited and eager to come to school

June 21st, 2013
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I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the PA Pre-K  Counts program. I have the opportunity to have both my boys in PA Pre-K Counts. My older son started the first year the PA Pre-K Counts was created. The program was very helpful in getting him ready to enter kindergarten. He was an extremely timid child and program helped him to learn how to make his needs known, as well as letting him interact with other children. (more…)

Kiwanis supports PA One Book In Susquehanna County

The Kiwanis Club of the Montrose Area donates money to Susquehanna County CARES for purchase of “Stop Snoring, Bernard” books for more than 200 children.

During 2012, families across Susquehanna County received a free copy of the 2012 Pennsylvania One Book, “Stop Snoring, Bernard!” by Zachariah Ohora, thanks to a generous donation by the Kiwanis Club of Montrose Area. The group, dedicated to serving children of the world, provided funds to Susquehanna County CARES for the purchase of 200 paperback copies. (more…)