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Highly recommend!

April 29th, 2013
Berks County, News, Stories

A Berks County parent highly recommends her Keystone STARS provider!

I enrolled my 2 children when they were both 3 months old at the Boyertown Area YMCA.  Both of my children have gone through the YMCA and now they are in kindergarten and 3rd grade. Both are enrolled in the afterschool program and Camp programs in the summer. (more…)

A team working together

A Berks County mom shares the team effort of her Keystone STARS provider

As an educator, my search for a quality child care program for my child began long before she was even born. My husband and I toured a multitude of centers, before finding the one that we felt would provide our daughter with quality care and educational experience. (more…)

Blair County’s Week of the Young Child Celebration a Success!

See what great things are happening in Blair County!

Approximately 220 children and 170 adults attended Blair County’s annual Week of the Young Child Celebration on Saturday, April 20 from 11am to 2 pm at the Penn State Altoona Campus Adler Gym. (more…)

My children are happy

April 29th, 2013
Berks County, News, What's Happening

In Berks County, Shane’s mom shares how happy she is with her Keystone STARS provider

When my son, Shane was four years old, many changes were occurring in our family. His real father left when he was a year and a half old so it had just been him and I for quite a while. My mother watched Shane while I went to work every day as a high school teacher. The summer that Shane was four years old, I got re-married to a wonderful man who had an eight year old son. While this was great news, I worried how all of this was going to affect Shane. (more…)

Full trust and confidence for Gabriel’s education

A Montogomery County mom shares how those at her son’s PA Pre-K Counts program have earned her full trust and confidence

My son Gabriel is currently in PA Pre-K Counts program at the Philadelphia YMCA early learning center.

As a parent I can’t express enough how pleased I’ve been for the last two years with this program.

Looking back to the first day Gabriel and I entered the doors I automatically knew it was the right choice. We were welcomed with such care and enthusiasm. (more…)

A love for going to school and a love for learning

A Montgomery County family shares how PA Pre-K Counts has helped their daughter develop a love for going to school and a love for learning

My daughter Mackenzie has been attending the Royersford YMCA PA Pre-K Counts program for about 7 months now and she has had a fantastic experience.

She is learning a lot of new things and enjoying every minute of her day there. (more…)

Helping prepare Caroline for her future education

A Montogomery County mom shares how her daughter’s Keystone STARS program helped prepare Caroline for her future education

My daughter started attending the child care program at the Boyertown Area YMCA when she was 2 years old. The program is a STAR 2 participant in Keystone STARS.

I contribute a lot of my daughter’s success in school to the caring, knowledgeable teachers in this program. (more…)

Quality for Jillian and Frankie

A Montogomery County mom shares how a Keystone STARS early learning center has made an impact on her family throughout the years

Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA Early Learning Center, 4 out of 4 Keystone STAR rating and it truly shows.

My experience with Early Learning Center (ELC) started 13 years ago when my sister decided to take her children there. My niece and nephew loved coming daily and now 13/14 years old they are honor roll students who love school. So when it came time for me to find an ELC for my own children the decision to come back here was easy and it made even easier by the comforting fact that the some of my favorite teachers from 13 years ago were still there in stronger positions now. (more…)

Can’t wait to go school!

A Montgomery County mom shares how her daughter can’t wait to go to school

What a big change for me when my little girl started PA Pre-K Counts. For being Mom for 4 years, I did not know how to change her to be independent. (more…)

Caden’s a better person because of PA Pre-K Counts

A Montgomery County mom shares how her son has become a better person because of PA Pre-K Counts

My son Caden has blossomed after being enrolled in PA Pre-K Counts. He enjoys going to school every day.

After being in childcare for most of his life, this year he actually seems to be learning something, and is so proud of himself. (more…)